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JavaGram is a new technology specifically designed to support agile development. As a language, it shares many of Java's features - syntax, platform independence, strong type checking, object orientation, and garbage collection - but also offers capabilities that make it a much easier-to-use and productive platform, such as declarative programming, automatic remoting, asynchronous method invocation, and dynamic loading.

JavaGram enables you to deploy a standalone or multi-tier client-server application from a single code base, allowing you to run your client in an Internet browser as well as a native desktop application. It manages the underlying complexities of distributed applications for you so that you can focus on what matters most: implementing business functionality. Furthermore, time consuming activities such as application maintenance and patching are significantly simplified through a server-centric release process that automatically updates all dependent deployment points.

The technology is simple and easy to learn; yet the benefits are overwhelming - up to an order of magnitude gain in productivity and robustness when compared to conventional technologies. JavaGram comes with a fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called JADE that makes application development a breeze.

JavaGram has been developed in pure Java and is therefore platform independent. The implementation is comprised of four parts:

To setup a working JavaGram environment so that you can do development and try out the examples presented in this book, you need to download and install the following components.

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